Thursday, September 18, 2014

How to predict height of a child?

Height Predictor Resources:

How tall will I be? That might be a question kids have when they get older.
More often though, parents wonder how tall their toddler or preschooler might be when they grow up.
It's a natural question for parents and kids, and besides being a little fun to try and predict how tall a child might be, it can also help to make sure a child is growing normally.
  • Kids Height Calculator - Use the Two Years Times Two Method, with simple linear regressions, to doubles a child's height at age two years to predict how tall they will be when they grow up.
  • Growth Charts - One easy way to see how tall your child will be is to simply plot his growth on a growth chart and see where he ends up. Does your child's growth curve lead him to 6'2" or 5'2" or somewhere in between?
  • Short Children - Review red flags to look for to help you tell if a child is growing normally and will reach his predicted height or if he might have a growth problem.
  • Normal Growth for Young Children - Regular measurements of a child's height, weight and head circumference and plotting them on a growth chart are a good way to see if your child is growing normally. Review general guidelines for a younger child's growth rates.
  • Ideal Body Weight Calculator - Is your child overweight, underweight, or just right?

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